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Fireworks 8 dream trip (7): Add layers mixed mode Xiangjie

5, the new layer mixed-mode Xiangjie
In Fireworks8 inside, a change is the layer where the largest mixed-mode, actually provides an unprecedented total of 39 kinds of mixed-mode, compared with the previous Firewroks version for a full increase of 26 new hybrid models, but some effect of mixed mode is no appear in the Photoshop software. Fireworks have been used for carrying out the work using the user, can be said that a big surprise, it can be said for the Fireworks The software itself is a very great change.

We know that when you select to use mixed mode, Fireworks will it apply to all the selected objects. A single layer in a single document or object can have with the document or other object in the layer with different blend modes. When mixed with different objects together, the group objects to individual objects mixed-mode mixed-priority mode, canceling the group object will be resumption of their mixed-mode for each object.

[Tip 1]: layer mixed-mode device object can not be used, meaning that even if the object in the component editor of districts and mixed-mode layer settings, once returned to the editor, all the mixed-mode settings are not get reflected in the editor.

[Tip 2]: In fact, the use of each type of hybrid model the effect produced by the relevant values are calculated by following the formation of, specifically how to calculate, we do not have to go to hell, and we have to do is to find out the actual cause of these mixed-mode effects and how to apply what they can. If you think this knowledge for understanding master, you can help by providing access to the document Fireworks8 recommended site, I believe you will learn more Related information

[Tip 3]: use the bitmap tools in the tool operates on bitmap objects, you can pre-set in the Property inspector to its mixed-mode, and then operates on bitmap objects, but this operation will be in office chart object directly carried out on a bitmap object that is destructive, need to think twice before operate.

[Tip 4]: Even if a separate layer of the object, the same can be mixed-mode settings.

[Tip 5]: by using the property inspector on the Filters menu in the "Adjust Color | Color Fill" command, to be filled with color adjustment layer hybrid model, which is a no loss in the context of the original image pixels The most reasonable way to layer mixed-mode applications.

[Tip 6]: If the application of the mixed layer into Flash8 inside the object, then shared between the two layers for the hybrid model, Flash8 can be displayed properly.

This chapter aimed Fireworks8 in new hybrid model to explain, for in the original version of the hybrid model that already exists is no longer to go into details.

Mixed-mode operation in specific, we will apply the hybrid model of color known as "mixed color"; under the mixed color pixel color is called "base color"; the base color on the effect of mixed mode application the result is referred to as "the result color." Mixed model in specific settings but also involves the "opacity" setting, which is actually the transparency of the application for mixed-mode settings.

(A), the general understanding of new mixed-mode (the original model in parentheses mode).

Opaque model: average; (normal)

Dimming mode: color deepening, darkening the color of anti-selection, soften deeper; (dimming, color proliferation)

Brighten Mode: Color Dodge, anti-election Color Dodge, soften Dodge; (brighten)

Light effects model: superposition, soft, fuzzy light, bright light;

Contrast mode: exclude, take anti-; (difference, reverse)

Adjust the color model: red, green, blue; (hue, saturation, color, luminosity, hue)

Light and heat modes: reflection, light, freezing, heating;

Calculation mode: added, removed, removal, interpolation, stamps, XOR (erase).

(B), through specific examples of operations on the new layer to do a comprehensive understanding of mixed-mode.

This part of the operation to the reference images using

Mixed images of two use "red, green, blue" color Linear fill the same rectangle object


1, this part of the tutorial to enable you to more clearly understand the mixed layer, and more simple, we have adopted a comparative way to explain the operation, I hope that we can more easily carry out this part of the study.

2, such as special tips do not do it, all mixed-mode opacity settings for the "100%."


1, the average

We are in specific operations, on the left side of the rectangle mixed audience to use the "average" mixed mode, while the right side of the rectangle mixed object mixed mode to maintain the "normal", but will not set the transparency value of 50, more on both sides of results, see the following diagram, you can find the same results generated. The following conclusions:

Use the "average" model produces results equivalent to "normal" mode, set the opacity to 50% in the original produced.

2, the color deepened

Will fill the image rectangle mixed results for an adjustment, the effect appears as shown below.

Hybrid image on the left side of the rectangle using the "color deepening" of the hybrid model, the hybrid image on the right side of the rectangle using the "color of the proliferation of" hybrid model, can be found in a large range of color mixing between the two blocks close to the same order can deepen the mixed-mode that color is multiplied by the base color of mixed colors, resulting in a darker color of such a principle of operation.

But the two kinds of mixed-mode certainly is different, see the chart color mixing transition region can be initial signs, followed by an example to verify the differences, the rectangle's fill effect mixed images do an adjustment, return to results as shown below.

The same mixed picture on the left side of the rectangle using the "color deepening" of the hybrid model, the hybrid image on the right side of the rectangle using the "color of the proliferation of" hybrid model, can be found using color to enhance color mixing mode to propagate not only to deal but also for the transition is more detailed treatment of color, bright colors brighter, dark and darker, so even better color performance.

3, the color deepened anti-election

Hybrid image on the left side of the rectangle using the "anti-select the color deepening" of the mixed mode, while the image on the right side of the rectangular mixed-use "darken" blend mode. We know that "dark" mixed mode is to choose the mechanism of mixed color and base color in darker colors as a result of that, and will replace the bright pixels than the blend color. Are basically two kinds of mixed-mode to achieve this effect, but the "anti-select the color deepening" of the hybrid model in dealing with the extent of these colors will be strengthened, dark colors are more dark, too bright colors are more bright. See next Figure.

4, soften deepen

Hybrid image on the left side of the rectangle using the "soften deepening" of the hybrid model, the hybrid image on the right side of the rectangle using the "color deepening" of the hybrid model. Can see that "soften deepening" of mixed-mode superposition of the same color will operate, but many of the resulting color will be soft, and I try to use the right "color to enhance the" mixed mode opacity value for a smaller operation , but found that the left can not be achieved using "soften enhance" the effect of mixed mode, see "soften deeper" mixed mode is not on the "color deepening" mixed mode to do a simple adjustment of opacity, but a the result of more complex operations.

5, Color Dodge

Hybrid image on the left side of the rectangle using the "Color Dodge" mixed mode, while the hybrid image on the right side of the rectangle using the "screen" of the hybrid model. We all know that "screen" mixed mode works is multiplied with the base color the color of the anti-color mixing, resulting in bleaching effect, and "Color Dodge" mixed-mode hybrid image is highlighted as part of the base color images were color changes operation, making colors look brighter, and closer to the effect of bleaching, but the mixed-mode for the same color of the color adjustment is not done much.

6, anti-election Color Dodge

Hybrid image on the left side of the rectangle using the "anti-select Color Dodge" hybrid model, on the right side of the rectangular mixed images using the "Color Dodge" hybrid model. After the "Color Dodge" an anti-election operation, makes the mixed color image in the anti-election under the premise of the baseline image Color Dodge operation, thus there is a similar effect Gouache, we can also create your own Gouache it! Ha ha!

7, soften Dodge

Hybrid image on the left side of the rectangle using the "soften Dodge" mixed-mode hybrid image on the right side of the rectangle using the "Color Dodge" hybrid model. As can be seen through the operation "soften Dodge" will make the color blend mode are softer and easier on the basis of color in the Dodge still maintain their color properties.

8, superimposed

Hybrid image on the left side of the rectangle using the "overlay" mixed mode, the image on the right side of the rectangular mixed-use "screen" mixed mode. "Overlay" mode the image of "color" the color and the "mixed color" color mixing to produce a neutral color. "Color" in color than the "mixed color" the color of dark colors to make "mixed color" color multiplier than the "mixed color" color light color will make the "mixed color" color was covered, and the image part of the highlight and shadow some remain the same, so pure black or white pixel shader when the "overlay" mode does not work.

Therefore, the implementation of color "overlay" mode or "screen" mode, depending on the background. In the protection of the high background light and shadows, the patterns or colors will overlay the existing pixels. Background will not be replaced, but with mixed colors mixed to reflect the original color brightness or darkness.

[Tip]: After talks in mixed mode, there will be a special instance of explaining to do on the mixed-mode superposition of further study.

9, soft

Hybrid image on the left side of the rectangle using the "soft" mixed mode, the image on the right side of the rectangular mixed-use 50% opacity, "superposition" mixed mode. In the operation can be understood that if the mixed color (light source) than the 50% gray, the image will become bright, as it were dodged the same; If the blend color than the 50% gray, the image will be dim, the same as being better. Pure black or pure white painting, will produce significantly darker or lighter area, but does not produce pure black or pure white. In other words: soft light "mode will produce a soft light effect. If the" mixed color "color than the" color "the color of a number of pixels brighter, then the" result of color "will be more bright; if the" mixed color "color than the "color" pixels darker color, then "the result color" the color more dark, the brightness of the image contrast increases.


10, fuzzy light

Hybrid image on the left side of the rectangle using the "fuzzy light" mixed mode, the image on the right side of the rectangular mixed-use "soft" hybrid model. Compared to "soft" hybrid models, the "fuzzy light" effect produced by mixed-mode is more soften the transition a bit smoother, the color edge and more flexible.

11, light

Hybrid image on the left side of the rectangle using the "light" hybrid model, hybrid image on the right side of the rectangle using the "overlay" mixed mode. First of all, give us the kind of feeling is more intense mixed-mode images show a mixed color effect, this effect is like shining a harsh spotlight on the image like.

If the "mixed color" color "color" the color of a number of pixels brighter, then "the result color" the color more bright; If the "mixed color" color than the "color" the color of the pixels darker, then the "result of color" will be more dark. In addition to the background color of the Er Shi under the background color is a multiple of or outside the shield, this model essentially the same "soft" mode is the same, but it's more effective than "soft" hybrid model is more strongly some, with the "overlay" mixed mode, as this model can simulate the surface of the image in the reference design or text effect.

[Note]: the surface of the image in the benchmark simulation results of the specific design or operation of the text refer to the back of "overlay" to explain instances of mixed-mode.

12, excluding

Hybrid image on the left side of the rectangle using the "rule out" mixed mode hybrid image on the right side of the rectangle using the "difference" mixed mode. "Exclude" mode and "difference" mode similar, but with high contrast and low saturation characteristics, mixed with white background value would RP, Blending with black produces no change. "Exclude" mode than "difference" mode and soft colors available. We can deal with image, first select the "difference" mode, if the result is not ideal, you can then select the "exclude" mode to try.

13, take anti-

Hybrid image on the left side of the rectangle using the "invert" mixed mode hybrid image on the right side of the rectangle using the "exclude" mixed mode. It is clear the effect of the patterns between the "rule out" mixed mode and the "differences" between the mixed-mode than "difference" model, the effect produced by the model number to softer, more "rule out" mode then the Effect in effect to be more brighter.

[Stations]: In order to facilitate a number of people of color depth understanding, we are here to do on the color hue spectrum of a simple understanding, first of all this hue first look at the chart plate:

Hue refers to the color of the so-called color categories, namely: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple. The seven color head and tail phase, forming a closed ring. If the X-axis direction, said 0 degree starting point, the hue is in accordance with the counterclockwise set started. As shown below:

We will be in the ring at 180 degree angle between the two colors (that is, the diameter of a circle at both ends of any color), known as the reverse color or complementary colors.

14, red, green, blue

From left to right, and then click on the rectangular image are mixed using the "red", "green" and "Blue" three kinds of mixed mode. For the mixed images, the corresponding red, green, blue areas were used in the "red", "green" and "Blue" mixed mode will use a color overlay + soften the way exists, and for the corresponding other regions in terms of color, the color is the color of the complementary color image with the reference by way of superposition + soften exist. In order to facilitate understanding of the sentence I said, very Raozui, we adopted the following specific tests to understand how.

First, we will make a replacement base image will be replaced with a black filled rectangular object, mixed images do not do change. Then turn on the rectangular image are mixed using the "red", "green" and "Blue" three mixed-mode, you can appear the effect shown below. From this we can see that, in turn the image on the black base of these three mixed-mode operation, the red, green, blue three primary colors respectively in the "red", "green" and "Blue" three kinds of mixed-mode the highlight, but other colors and background elements are done transparently integrated directly addressed.

Conversely, if the reference image replaced with a white rectangular object, then fill in the order of images on the black base of these three mixed-mode operation, the red, green, blue three primary colors respectively in the "red", "Green "" Blue "three kinds of mixed mode is displayed as transparent, while other elements will be the color of each red, green, blue three colors of the complementary colors (blue, purple, yellow) forms, and the base image do color overlay operations, and highlighted.

[Note]: Fireworks 8 for ease of the latter's unique hybrid model of explanation, we speak to do a baseline image fine-tuning. Were added in the image on the left and right on the two black and white solid color fill areas, as shown below. Hybrid Image no adjustment.

15, light

Hybrid image on the left side of the rectangle using the "light" hybrid model, hybrid image on the right side of the rectangle using the "light" hybrid model. By contrast, it may be concluded, in the use of "light" hybrid mode, for pure black reference image, the mixing effect and the "light" hybrid effect, then the basis for the white image, not any role, direct display is white. Compared to "light" mode, "light" mode is more intense than some of the performance. So, for all the colors mixed images, the use of "light" hybrid mode will produce results in a more full color mode and reference images overlapped and displayed. Of course, to exclude the case base color is white.

16, heating

Hybrid image on the left side of the rectangle using the "heating" mixed mode, the image on the right side of the rectangular mixed-use "light" hybrid mode. And "light" mode is different, the pattern of the black reference image has no effect, directly to black to show. But also the image of the black base in the mixed layer image generated a more intense way to display them. Overall, more "light" mode, the "heating" mode generates some of the effects will be more gentle.


17, reflection

Hybrid image on the left side of the rectangle using the "reflection" mixed mode hybrid image on the right side of the rectangle using the "Color Dodge" mixed mode. Both can be found through the icon at the end results are very similar, but the "reflection" model compared to Color Dodge model is concerned more strongly reflected in some of the color, dark colors will be more dark, bright colors and more brighter , the overall saturation higher. And on the basis of white color without any treatment.

18, frozen

Hybrid image on the left side of the rectangle using the "frozen" mixed mode hybrid image on the right side of the rectangle using the "color deepening" mixed mode. Can be found by comparing the "freeze" mode compared to the "color deepening" model reflects the overall effect is more softer and higher brightness, saturation, and lower number. But the black base color without any treatment.

19, added

Hybrid image on the left side of the rectangle using the "Add to" mixed mode hybrid image on the right side of the rectangle using the "light up" mixed mode. "Add the" mixed mode compared to "light up" mode, the exposure is more like a hybrid model over the variable light display. More bright color, saturation is also higher. The model for the white base color is not any reaction.

20, removal

Hybrid image on the left side of the rectangle using the "removal of" mixed mode hybrid image on the right side of the rectangle using the "darker" mixed mode. Compared to "dim" mode, the "removal" mode is more intense treatment in a number of dark tones, the details of the show is also more precise. This model also can be understood as the "add" corresponding to a pattern. The model for the black base color without any change, still black display.

21, removal of

Hybrid image on the left side of the rectangle using the "Remove" mixed-mode hybrid image on the right side of the rectangle using the "difference" mixed mode. Common ground between the two is obvious that the white color for the benchmark treatment, complementary colors are mixed with the overlay of color formed, but the base color on the black, a model of removal does not work, and The difference model is the mixed color superimposed on the black direct effect. So for removal mode, which for the base color on the dark colors will make it even more to enhance handling. The overall effect is a mixture of complementary color image color images superimposed with the reference generated.

22, interpolation

Hybrid image on the left side of the rectangle using the "interpolation" mixed mode hybrid image on the right side of the rectangle using the "soften Dodge" mixed mode. The overall effect on the two showed no major difference is basically only for the base color of black, out of the effect of the difference, "interpolation" mixed mode for black and white are solid color direct the operation of superposition and not as "soften Dodge" mode, as shown in the dark stronger. From another angle, it can be "interpolation" as a "reflection" mode shows a softening.

23, seal

Hybrid image on the left side of the rectangle using the "chop" mixed mode, the image on the right side of the rectangular mixed-use "light" hybrid mode. Can be seen, "seal" mixed mode more like the "light" hybrid mode increases the brightness, contrast, after the result of a reduction operation, and higher saturation.

24, XOR

Hybrid image on the left side of the rectangle using the "exclusive or" mixed mode, the image on the right side of the rectangular mixed-use "difference" mixed mode. After treatment for mixed-mode generate the final color effect, the two should not be any big difference, but the "exclusive or" mode like is through the "difference" mixed mode processing then processed using a filter generated a near-chaotic strange effects.瀹冨鍩哄噯鑹茬殑鍗曡壊澶勭悊骞舵病鏈変粈涔堝鎬殑鍦版柟锛屾晥鏋滄槑鏄剧殑閮ㄥ垎涓昏浣撶幇鍦ㄩ鑹茶繃娓$殑鍖哄煙锛屼細浠ヤ竴绉嶅緢澶氬潡骞叉按绮夌殑鏁堟灉灏嗛鑹蹭綋鐜颁簡鍑烘潵銆?br />

銆??濂戒簡锛岃嚦姝わ紝Fireworks8閲岄潰鏂板鐨?6绉嶆贩鍚堟ā寮忔垜浠凡缁忓仛涓?釜姣旇緝鍏ㄩ潰鐨勪粙缁嶄簡锛屽叧浜庤繖浜涙贩鍚堟ā寮忕殑搴旂敤锛屼粎浠呴?杩囪繖涔堝嚑涓畝鍗曠殑渚嬪瓙锛屼互鍙婄畝鍗曠殑璇濊鏄棤娉曡灏藉叾涓殑濂ュ鐨勶紝鏇村鐨勬贩鍚堟ā寮忔搷浣滄妧宸у強鍏朵娇鐢ㄦ柟娉曪紝杩樻槸闇?澶у鍦ㄥ疄鎴樹腑鎱㈡參浣撲細锛屽彧鏈夐?杩囧绉嶆柟寮忕殑灏濊瘯锛屾墠鑳藉浜庤繖浜涙贩鍚堟ā寮忕殑浣跨敤鏈夋洿涓烘竻妤氬湴浜嗚В锛屾墠鑳藉厖鍒嗗埄鐢ㄨ繖鎴忔贩鍚堟ā寮忓埗浣滃嚭鏇翠负绮惧僵鐨勭壒鏁堟潵锛?br />


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Intellectual property rights is not instead of themselves

Two days, on the United States to pressure China on intellectual property issues reports sparked concern. U.S. accuses China of intellectual property rights violations is still serious, and should take responsibility on the U.S. trade deficit.

But the blame is not all. U.S. State Department Bureau of International Information published in the June 9 "American Reference" in the report on the matter revealed that some members of Congress on the status quo of China's intellectual property rights of the claim to be a "good" opinions. U.S. Department of Commerce International Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Yisileier (Chris Israel) said the Chinese government set up around the country reporting centers in 50 IP infringement. He said: "We hope these reports center effectively." He also mentioned the successful owner of several intellectual property cases, and, accordingly, said, "We imitation and piracy continues to conduct extensive cooperation with the Chinese government."

While another charge of China affairs, Stratford, Assistant U.S. Trade Representative (Timothy Stratford) said that China has a lot of counterfeit products, "such as pharmaceuticals, batteries, automotive parts, industrial equipment and toys to the United States, consumers in China and other countries pose a direct threat to the health and safety. "

Treatment of intellectual property rights, the Chinese Government's attitude has always been active and effective. Moreover, China's IPR protection has been progress.

But we are firmly opposed to protectionism in the U.S. business, including intellectual property rights in the name of any form of protectionism and "aggression."

In fact, these two attitudes is difficult to water is water, oil is the oil to distinguish. In most cases, their boundaries are more blurred.

The face of U.S. criticism, people's attitudes were mixed. On the one hand, we hate the way Americans find fault; the other hand, our own intellectual property protection on its limitations.

Two recent events even more food for thought: First Chinese tourists to wear fake brand-name clothing in Europe was fined; second place in Hunan fake bus incident.

The former feels shame, which makes chilling. In the fake bus incident, a factory in Hunan to produce counterfeit bus for a living, things are revealed, judicial investigation has encountered difficulties. Face interview with China Central Television, the judiciary said that since the beginning of this project is the city to attract foreign investment project, the city led to the investigation is extremely "cautious."

In saying this, while those fake brands converted buses are on the road speeding, safety of visitors simply can not be guaranteed.

The United States to put pressure on China is of course the interest from it will not be good to have no benefit others instead of themselves level. However, for their own people, some of our local government and law enforcement agencies are doing enough on it?

Construction and protection of intellectual property rights, we do not need to do for whom. It is not instead of themselves, but for ourselves. The driving force was not sufficient it?

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L'Oreal portrait of "Edgar" Human resources together to create

May, in the L'Oreal China factory ----- International Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Suzhou Shang Meiguo office building, an official with the Edgar L'Oreal Software (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement, both from the date of announcement, Suzhou is still the United States Edgar International Cosmetics Co., Ltd. will work together to jointly create a corporate human resource planning system.

As one of Fortune 500 ----- L'Oreal is the world's largest cosmetics group, L'Oreal Group, the cause of more than 150 countries and regions in the world has 283 branches and more than 100 agents , with annual sales of up to 14.3 billion euros in 2002, 18 consecutive annual profit growth of more than 10%. In addition, the L'Oreal Group, the world still has 50,491 employees, 42 factories and more than 500 quality brands.

L'Oreal China in nearly a century of history, the spare no effort to meet the peoples of the world's pursuit of the United States to fight; also shoulder the lofty mission of L'Oreal in 1997, officially came to China. Hands of the clock point to 2003, L'Oreal China, the company six years old. In just six years of joint pains, has built a community of more than 3,000 L'Oreal China, and to expand business in China more than 500 cities across the country, to our world-renowned brand L'Oreal Paris , Maybelline, Garnier, Lancome, Helena Rubinstein, Biotherm, Vichy, Kerastase, L'Oreal professional hair and skin spring rationale for the Chinese people know and love.

L'Oreal has been very focused on building human resources. Know very well, all kinds of talent is the driving force behind business development and growth. L'Oreal respect for talent, attention to vocational training, from recruit all aspects of corporate culture and staff strive to individual strengths combine to provide staff with international professional development. L'Oreal to encourage the integration of different cultural backgrounds, expectations of employees around the world is intelligent and inspiration to promote the individual's career and business development process of globalization.

Before the re-selection system in the Suzhou plant has been plagued by the old HR system, because as the business has grown and improved, many system functions such as recruitment, payroll, attendance, scheduling, training, organizational effectiveness ... ... . can not meet the needs of enterprises, so the Suzhou plant to the new system requirements are very stringent, requiring system stability, operation, management, strategy, and the future development of enterprises can meet the rapid growth, after long more than a year of continued study to assess the ultimate strength of powerful companies from the six selected as the final service software vendor Edgar.

Edgar L'Oreal to be proud of the trust, Edgar software will be maintained throughout the project were consistent high quality of Edgar style, within the time specified quality and quantity of project success on the line, raising Olle Ya overall competitiveness!

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"Era of exploration of the beginning of 1404," talk about my own experience

In advance that I play is easy, do not fight, the pirates are off, and I think this fight are not the focus of the game.

The first point is that the house must be manually upgraded, the residents demands are not met, is less than a few cents tax revenue, the computer automatically upgrade ten thousand noisy are going up, the population explosion, demand satisfied, the fiscal deficit will come soon , and as long as you have materials to meet the conditions, the computer will help you rise, sometimes material shortage, want to build a building when a very nasty

One person ask for much, satiate, can, and can be mass produced, and does not spend money on two wood, start making a few more cut wood, made a fierce farmers, let them eat , tax revenue to maintain fiscal balance point, two people are the main sources of income, at least in the early stage is the case, they need little more than more than one tax lot.

At the beginning of multi-Qiang Depan, grab a wooden island as long as 2 2 tool, it seems, sent a boat out onto 20 wooden tools to grab like 20, and key resources to grab, such as silk dye on a island (made carpet), herbs in an island of wheat (made beer), a piece of clay with quartz in the island (making mosaics), these are important strategic resources, first to occupy, and so have free wood tools to build more warehouses to occupy the beach all, the enemy can not come up with you Qiangde Pan.

Not upgrade the house when the tax transferred to happy, to be more than the default of a lot of money, time to upgrade to a level, like the first one were transferred to green taxes, and then all rise up, rise to your consumables can withstand the current number of people put a tax transferred to happy, then two were transferred to the green tax rate, so that they are fully occupied, and then transferred back to happy, not with a few levels up, a few level with the green tax rate, you certainly can not bear the financial early.

Rose to a noble end, he will gradually out of the new requirements, once the new requirements, do not up again, because the new requirements to meet before he would never be happy, even if you upgrade the house, nor some people stay, it took three people when the tax rate transferred happy, then something needs to build noble, and so have enough consumables, re-opened to upgrade.

Upgrade time to ensure that sufficient materials, wood, tools, stone, glass, etc., if not, save enough of the up again, while other materials while upgrading both the waste of time and revenue.

Trade, the principle is not to sell raw materials, only sell the final product, compared to the money that started the construction of the main island to be careful when the house layout, production facilities that can be put on lightly, because to the back of these production facilities are to be removed to the house where Teng, and eventually produce the outer islands, in addition to fish, because fish do not grab land with a house, building site would Jingui the outer islands, so try to manually work the land, the provincial areas. Finished products shipped back to the main island of the ship, go neutral island stroll, the excess of goods sold, so ruthless to the money, do not waste productivity. Also earn honor.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

SAS Ones "2008 China's Top Employer" seat

Recently, "China's Top Employers 2008 Shanghai Region TM project," Selection announced, has been "family" enterprise culture and promote "happy work, creative life" SAS Chinese companies Ones "best employer" throne. Prior to this, SAS has received 13 consecutive "most popular companies for working mothers" title, also from the "Fortune" magazine "best Companies to Work For" list since birth, SAS has been among the best, six of the top 10 ... .... As a global leader in business intelligence software vendor, the Chinese leader in the field of BI, SAS has begun to establish trust and respect virtue of their intelligence kingdom. It is learned that the competition are covering the financial, chemical, IT, food, FMCG, real estate, automotive, logistics, manufacturing, consulting, insurance, medical equipment, advertising and media industry, including 3M China, Bayer, Baosteel Group, Deloitte, DHL, Ernst & Young, Goodyear tires, Hilton Hotels, McDonald's, Pepsi, Shanghai Volkswagen, Wacker Chemie and so a total of 24 companies top the popular list.

The poll sponsored by the Netherlands CRF Inc., the China Europe International Business School, Hay Group, Shanghai Normal University, China HR, the Economic Observer, in organizing, based on continuous 16-year success around the world, dozens of outstanding patent employer project experience, based on the candidates and employees online survey questionnaires, professional assessment of the corporate culture, innovation, compensation and benefits, work environment, training and learning, promotion and development of space for the six SAS give high appraisal. CRF companies as international, "Outstanding Employer" to the identification and publication of professional bodies, the "Outstanding Employer" project has not only been confirmed for Global 2000 enterprises to "attract and retain talent in the important reference," has become the business and personnel bridge, in promoting the development of human capital has played a crucial role. The poll, SAS created the company from the date on his "family" culture Beishou judges favor, its unique, advanced human resource management mechanism to ensure a very low turnover rate, always maintain the average level in the industry 1 / 5 or so.

"Happy Working, Creative Life" is the slogan of SAS this election, as his "family" culture of interpretation, not only in internal construction of SAS, SAS also runs through the whole process of market expansion. In SAS, the company is committed to shaping the family up and down the office environment, through continuous improvement systems and culture, to create comfort for employees, human nature, there is broad room for the working environment, to protect everyone can find work-life the best balance. In order to ensure employee satisfaction, SAS CEO Dr. Jim Goodnight established a company-wide coverage in all major sectors of the staff committee, the purpose is to help management better understand the staff. Talent management, SAS company never to short-term performance evaluation criteria as the only employees, but focus on long-term goals, and team organization restructuring, is to market changes, company and employee career development of all three unity. SAS, said: respect for the staff's personal will and choice, and provide the necessary training support, the staff happy to work in order to create greater value to the company and employees to achieve a win-win. Currently, personnel management, SAS company now has a first class management team and professional local talent, and has many high-end consulting, technology, industry and talent.

With the increasing performance of SAS, SAS company after company in 51 countries around the world has opened more than 400 offices in almost every industry can be seen in figure SAS, SAS's unique corporate culture as its business intelligence was introduced into every corner of the spread. SAS since the company entered China in the marketing and customer service also show full of "respect" - Greater China Headquarters will move to Beijing to further increase the R & D and service forces; In view of the unique environment created from the direct sales market with combined 鐨?distribution channel teams, and gradually accomplished by advanced analysis tool provider to an overall solution providers in transition; Chengliyongyou consummate professional knowledge of the industry team of experts Zhijiemiandui sales, for the Kehutigong Dingzhi of industry tailored solution program ... .... These initiatives were all SAS brings a good income, as of now, SAS 30-year sales to maintain rapid growth in a row, IDC released in the first half of the "Chinese BI market research report", SAS market share in the Chinese market gradually expand market share, growth rate showed continued strong growth momentum and continue to lead the domestic business intelligence software market.

Ones for the SAS, "2008 China's Top Employers" throne, SAS Greater China CEO Huangyong Heng said: "This long-standing employees from SAS, the respect and listening to the voice of the customer." He said: "Happy Working to create a creative life, and only satisfied employees can bring satisfied customers. In SAS, we try to create a suitable working environment, high-quality staff development, the introduction of a personalized employment mechanism. This is not only is the SAS, the training and retention of key talent magic weapon, and also the SAS 30 years, the secret of continued success. "

About SAS

SAS is the world's leading business intelligence software vendors, more than 43,000 users worldwide. SAS software can help customers to get intelligence from massive data information to improve business performance, resulting in faster, more accurately convey the decision-making information, to strengthen and partners, mutually beneficial supplier relationship management from a strategic management and operational levels while promoting enterprise development. SAS is the only company to a leading data integration technology, intelligence storage, analytics and business intelligence applications fully integrated into a comprehensive enterprise intelligence platform vendor. 30 years, SAS has been to provide customers around the world "The Power to Know".


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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Police identified Results: Foxconn high fall dead before his death, Department staff

Event playback:

Last month, at 4 o'clock on the 23rd, the training center in South China Baoan Foxconn quarters downstairs, 19-year-old forward died mysteriously in Henan young horse. Police initially identified as sudden death. But the scars on the scene and the body has caused blood all questions, Foxconn has also opened a reward of 50 million collection of non-sudden death clues.

After several twists and turns, yesterday morning, the horse's body forward into the post-mortem inspection procedures, his two sisters and brother in the Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau forensic testing center witnessed the dissection process. At 8:40, the police issued "identification test notices conclusion" --- horse forward the cause of death was "living the high fall dead."

The three family members witness the dissection process

9 am yesterday at Sandy Bay, Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau forensic testing center, two sisters and other horse forward a few family members waiting in the cold at the door, waiting for 10 o'clock in the autopsy. They put the door in the examination center forward horse photo, taken a horse to move the body surface of some of the wounds, horse forward relatives that this is being injured. They write on a piece of cardboard "appeal to justice," the words to the board raised some of the scene of the users.

9:30 or so, the parents rushed to the horse forward, who threw himself before his son's photo, looked sad.

9:50 Xu, the police was out of the iron gate, that in accordance with the relevant provisions of the relatives of the deceased, to a central reception, but only two immediate family members can witness the anatomical site. After several negotiations, the police finally agreed Hui Ma Hui Ma sisters and her husband witnessed the admission. In anatomy, all the relatives were allowed to enter, see the remains of a horse forward.

Shenzhen Public Security Bureau, the person in charge of forensic testing center, the center is the first local forensic testing center, the test results were the United States and 46 countries and territories recognized. He hoped that the horse ahead of the relatives to believe that the ability of the center.

Identification results: high fall dead before his death

At 8:45, the family horse to move the police station in the Pine got stamped by the Public Security Bureau, Baoan "conclusions notice", notice that, after post-mortem examination and identification, concluded that "horse forward Department of lifetime high fall dead, "As to why the notice did not come to this conclusion to explain.

"Truth can not figure how to do before the appraisal is out, sudden death, and how high are even less than a fall, right?" Has been concerned about the horse forward in the event of temperature and lawyers said the new findings did not understand.

Sister Ma Hui told reporters that they had requested the police to give a detailed appraisal report, but police said had been close to a holiday, not a temporary arrangement, after the free time will come face to face to the families of forensic called to explain what injury is caused by how . The next step will be how to do? Ma Hui expressed that the decision not to discuss with his sister after his father decided upon.

Sister: brother rib fracture scalp congestion

Yesterday 10:10 Xu, anatomical started, horse forward parents have been a break in the meeting room. Dissection continued until 12 noon. Ma Hui, who came out, looked some trance.

Ma Hui said that she saw in the observation room, forensic brother's chest open, his chest is obviously a broken rib, and forensic chest from his brother's liver and other internal organs removed, the can see the "big chunks of congestion, "his brother's scalp forensic opened, you can see the four holes in the head following congestion.

It is understood, Ma Hui and others with the dissection room where the observation room separated from a thick layer of glass observation room of people can not hear the anatomy of voice of the staff room.

When asked Ma Hui's wife, Ma will forward the chest ribs is beginning to do CPR when chest pressure off, the other suddenly excited, Malaysia is ahead of his father came over and accused the reporter for the Fuji Hong words.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

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